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[ The Distribution ] YS “24k Or Die”

YS Brainofbmw Music
Never heard of YS before today…. I clicked play & I was about to hit “delete” on the submission but I let the beat run. I like the hook too it caught me somehow & didn’t let go. Lyrics are really basic, “High as fuck like a flight attendant” ….. But when you mix the right words with the right beat the stars align & you have a potential hit on your hands. Gotta let you all rock to this, I’ve now listened a few times & yeah I still bang with it… Not sure I’d buy it thankfully they sent me the Service Pack so I don’t have to worry about that BUT check out YS’s “24k Or Die“..

OH he said “every-time I’m in the paint bitches through me ALLEY HOOPS……” then he later says “shits funny, I don’t even hoop” so I’m going to let it go but still had to point it out….

Twitter: @YSorDie

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brandonw • August 13, 2014

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