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VS, was born in the Bronx, NY. He was born to a single teenage mother and an absentee father. He grew up and was raised in a house on Commonwealth Avenue in the Soundview area of theBronx by his maternal grandparents. Being raised by elderly guardians left much room for Lamont to venture out into his surroundings. At a young age he got involved in gang affiliation as well as selling drugs as a means of fitting in and having his own money. In his neighborhood as well as surrounding areas. He quickly became known for rapping. VS also had an exceptional love for music because he felt he could relate to it. Life took a drastic change for VS when both his grandparents passed and he had to live with his mother at age seventeen. He then moved to Burnside Avenue and no longer was an “only child” but was the oldest of five siblings. He continued to live the same fast lifestyle until he caught a case that went to a grand jury trail. From that point on he vowed that if he beat this case that he would change his life around and he did….he devoted his time and energy into writing and rapping.

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brandonw • July 25, 2013

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