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[The Distribution] Vinnie Bass (of Stereo Crew) “These Bars”


The Stereo Crew unleashes another one of their members this week, Vinnie Bass, who brings you a leak off his upcoming debut “The Chronicles of Bass”.
Vinnie Bass is Mic Audio’s (Stereo Boyz) younger cousin and has, naturally, been around Hip Hop since a young age. At 11 yrs young, upon hearing Rakim’s “Microphone Fiend” for the first time, he started rapping. Today he is finally ready to present his musical introduction to the world and “These Bars” is exactly what that is. Recorded over the Pusha T “My God” beat, Vinnie Bass showcases not only his style and lyrical abilities but also his significant voice.
He describes his music as “short stories mixed with hard-hitting lyrics” and says: “Today i strive to bring my own sound by not shying away from my so called nerd side”. His musical influences Rhyme Asylum, Canibus, Chino XL, Outkast, Big L, Lupe Fiasco and family member Mic Audio can he heard in his music, nevertheless he has his very own sound.
“These Bars” is the first release off his upcoming album “The Chronicles of Bass”, which will be released for free download on March 26th. He describes it as a collection of short stories, with a variety of sounds and topics, with no fear of putting his emotions into lyrics and sharing his soul with his listeners.
“I guarantee you never heard anything like this and I feel I have a lot to bring to the table, if you just give me a chance.”


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brandonw • March 18, 2013

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