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[ The Distribution ] Track Lacer “2013 RAP-CAP”

Track Lacer Brainofbmw Music

The official year-in-review song for 2013. Milwaukee, Wisconsin native Track Lacer takes you on a journey of all things related to urban culture, wrapping up the entire year in a skillfully performed, humorous four minutes. This year marks the first time that Track Lacer has decided to expand the song beyond the city limits ofMilwaukee for a nationwide turn. The decision was made after learning that veteran rapper Skillz was shunning the notion of making annual rap-up songs, opting instead to make a “2013 Sports Rap Up” song for ESPN’s First Take. 2011’s “Miltown Rap Up” gained 4,410 views. 2012’s follow up clocked in at 2,100 views. Nothing is off limits as Track delves into the humorous: Rick Ross dropped from Reebok for his molly/date rape reference; Miley Cyrus pretending to be ratchet; and 2 Chainz denying that he ran from San Francisco thugs. Track also deals with the serious: Losing South African icon Nelson Mandela; Implications made towards slain teenager Trayvon Martin; and respect given due the song’s producer, J.G. of G Sound Productionz, who lost his father this year.

Track Lacer has successfully used his “rap-up” songs to stay relevant to his fan-base throughout the year between solo projects. Lacer currently has a mixtape in the streets of Milwaukee entitled, “Beverly Hills, 53209”. The release marks the first time the Mil-Town favorite has ever used industry instrumentals on a solo project. Currently, Track is returning to his roots by placing the finishing touches on an EP of original material entitled, “Motivational Speaker”. Smooth Sailing Records is excited that the EP’s first single was produced by the legendary Queens, New York native Havoc of Mobb Deep. The single entitled, “Doomp Doomp Doomp Doomp” will be serviced to all DJ record pools, social media platforms, and music blogs throughout  the country.



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