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[ The Distribution ] The Lost Angels “HA HA HA”

The Lost Angels Brainofbmw Music

On “HA HA HA” Jimmy ValenTime, Carlos Ferragamo, and Urban Miracle let the competition know the jokes on them. The Lost Angels rapping over a fierce Chuck Inglish beat and a sample of The Joker from the legendary Batman: The Animated Series create a song that is both of the moment and timeless.

Jimmy ValenTime explains, “The record allowed me to be topical; I got to touch on Daniel Day-Lewis rapping son, Brian Griffin (RIP) and The Walking Dead. I touch on all of these things while subtly paying homage to one of my favorite rappers Killa Cam.” Carlos Added “I liked the record because it allowed me to use a flow that I do not normally use. It forced me to step outside of the box.”

This new single is to build anticipation of their debut Album. Together, we stand Alone: The LP.

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Site: www.somethinglikearapper.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CarlosFerragamo

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brandonw • December 15, 2013

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