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[ The Distribution ] The Lost Angels “Angels Assemble”

Angels Assemble brainofbmw
Angels Assemble” is the debut single by The Lost Angels and acts as both the intro to their debut EP, Together, We Stand Alone and as a rallying cry against mediocrity.

The NAMELESS-produced track features the EDM influence that has taken hip-hop by storm this year. Still the song is built around music from the popular video game Super Metroid, tying the song to hip-hop sampling roots. The songs onslaught of clever lyrics is reminiscent of old school posse cuts like “Scenario” and “Protect Ya Neck,” uniting a great beat with powerful lyrics. With The Lost Angels, fans don’t have to choose between amazing production or real emceeing, they can have it all.

The Lost Angels have several distinguished accomplishments under their belt, Jimmy ValenTime was featured in a news segment on WNBC, New York and Carlos Ferragamo was featured in the prestigious Unsigned Hype Section of The Source (Issue 203). The group was envisioned by Jimmy ValenTime, based on the enthusiastic response to “The Town” released in 2011. The Lost Angels is a collaboration between Jimmy ValenTime (Life in Amazin Times), Carlos Ferragamo (Shades of Blue 2), popular underground radio host of On Blast Radio Urban Miracle, and new comer Lyrical Blades. Varyus Waise of Rise Up Radio and artist behind Little Brother Syndrome and the upcoming Peacoat Season acts as a special guest, closing out the song.

This initial salvo is to build anticipation of their debut EP Together, We stand Alone. The project will be available on October 2, 2013 as a free download.

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brandonw • August 29, 2013

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