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[ The Distribution ] Stereo Crew “Swine Basket w/ Fries” ft Cole Slaw

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Detroit’s Powerhouse Stereo Crew presents “The Empire Strikes Rap” series. Every thursday from today until August 13th (which marks the Stereo Boyz’ “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” album release) the Crew will drop a newly recorded, free song on their Bandcamp page.

The first song “Swine Basket w/ Fries Ft Cole Slaw”, recorded over The Roots’ “A Piece Of Light” instrumental, is an uplifting song with a clear message: Be Positive and let Negativity go.”

The Crew let Kid Boombox and Mic Audio do all the raps on this song, as they were affected by tragedy in their lives at the time the song was recorded, which they talk openly about in the song.

“This track is about moving forward and doing whatever you have to do against the world force feeding you swine, while calling it vegetables because they put cole slaw on the side.”, says Mixo of the Stereo Crew.

He continues: “In light of our project I am doing a 30 day detox until the album drops. That’s the statement of this song too, detoxifying your life. We want to unite and move the world forward. That’s what people need, revolutionary music, positivity, especially during the current events. We need to be unified.”




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brandonw • August 8, 2013

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