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[ The Distribution ] Stereo Crew “Heroin”

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Less than a week away from the Stereo Boyz’ album release “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”, the Stereo Crew brings you the two last tracks off of their “The Empire Strikes Rap” series.
The song “Heroin”, recorded by Kid Boombox and Mic Audio speaks about addiction and the twisted thought process of a fiend. Whereas the bonus track “The Cure” offers a way out of the misery. Perfect Eclipse was a guest MC on this track, produced by Mixo, who also rapped on the song.
You will most likely recognize the sample on “The Cure” as it was also used on Xzibits “Paparazzi”, one of the internationally most successful Rap songs made. The song being one of Mixo’s favorite beats, one day he came across the sample and instantly heard in his head how he wanted to arrange it on a beat. “The Cure” was made.
Be on the look out for the Stereo Boyz’ album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”, dropping next tuesday, August 13th.
For now, listen and get your free Download of “Heroin” and “The Cure” below.



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brandonw • September 3, 2013

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