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[The Distribution] Stereo Boyz “Speaking in Tonguez”

While touring through Europe, the Stereo Boyz send Valentine’s Greetings across the globe.
“Speaking in Tonguez” is another single off their upcoming album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” (to be released on May 07th 2013).
“Speaking in Tonguez”, produced by Sir Henry J Stuart and featuring vocals by Shoua Kue entices with an ultra smooth sound and lyrics directed at the ladies who like to sit back, relax and enjoy.
Whereas a lot of Hip Hop songs with sexual content are disrespectful nowadays, the Stereo Boyz want to bring the focus back on the art of love making and worshipping a woman’s body. “We are bringing back the feeling of songs like “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye. Songs that make a woman feel special, instead of offended”, says Mixo.
The video to “Speaking in Tonguez” will be released on Feb 22nd.
The Stereo Boyz continue their tour through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France until the end of February, and will embark on a tour throughout the US in the beginning of May for the release of their album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”.



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brandonw • February 15, 2013

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