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sPITTzkrieg Brainofbmw Music

[ The Distribution ] sPITTzkrieg “Robot Love Dr. Funklestein”

sPITTzkrieg Brainofbmw Music

sPITTzkrieg has returned from a trip from another universe. There they have trained across the galaxy, honed their skills, and prepared for this very moment. DJ Afterthought, Lazy JP, and Barz Blackman lay futuristic verses upon the sci-fi production from IPH, and truly have created something creatures from all over the universe can get down to. There will be more…

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/spittzkrieg
Twitter: @EauxReally_JSP, @DJAfterthought, @lazyjp1, @Barz_Blkman

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"Robot Love Dr. Funklestein"Barz BlackmanCory EauxDj AfterthoughtEMTHip HopJSPLazy JpMusicsPITTzkriegThe Distribution

brandonw • June 5, 2014

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