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[ The Distribution ] Sotr Caf “WHERE’D RILEY GO”

Sotr Caf Brainofbmw Music

Iowa rapper/producer/turntablist Sotr Caf presents “Where’d Riley Go”, the new self-produced single from his newly released EP One More Step, mixed and mastered by fellow Iowa producer Aeon Grey. A quadruple threat, Sotr began his music career as an emcee before expanding to production, turntablism, and even plays harmonica during his live shows. “‘Where’d Riley Go’ is about a two-hour time in my life,” says Sotr. “I was moving a younger relative to a different city for college. I was freaking out a little about it and when we got to the new place this guy was cooking lunch in the kitchen. I was super suspicious of this stranger. He ended up being the only guy there to help move the heavy stuff. After a few flights of stairs I learned he grew up a few miles down the road from me and was a decent guy. I was relieved he’d be there but right as I was leaving I found out that was his last day there. From then on I would catch myself wondering where’d Riley go.” Of the EP, he says “I was wandering around aimlessly for a long time then one day I decided I was done wandering. One More Step means one more go around, one more step into the abyss, one more anything that’s not what’s behind me.” The One More Step EP is the first in a series of EPs to be released through 2015.


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brandonw • March 30, 2014

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