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[The Distribution] Signif “Rocket Fuel (PCP)

The Distribution Signif

The Distribution Signif “Rocket Fuel (PCP)


Milwaukee-bred, NYC-based emcee Signif presents “Rocket Fuel (PCP)”, the first single from the forthcoming album Significant Wizdom II: (Atypical), Signif’s second collaboration album with producer Gee WizTheir first collaboration album was released in spring 2011 (listen here), which Signif swiftly followed up with her album Embracing Rejection (listen here and watch the video to “Like My Style” here). “I touch on a few different topics; staying relevant, past delinquencies, why I’m fine with being heard and not seen,” Signif says of the new track. “The track title holds a drug reference that I refer to in the chorus ‘get em high, to the sky’. Addiction through music always feels good, so let me dope you!” SWII dropped November 20

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brandonw • January 10, 2013

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