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[ The Distribution ] SDSC ( Soul Daad & Stereo Crew) “The Dopeness”


 “Dear Fans,

theres ALOT that goes into a record, alot of time, work, effort, creativity. And sometimes those things don’t all come together on schedule. Less than 2 months ago, we were in Amsterdam, during our Europe Tour, to meet up with some very talented producers we had met online and worked with previously. We stayed for a week and spent every day in the studio with their crew Soul Daad. Because of the undeniable musical chemistry we soon had the idea of making a record together. We chose beats, recorded, exchanged ideas. After the week was over we returned to Germany, then a few weeks later to Detroit and started to get the Stereo Crew together to work on “Amstertroit”. Sending beats and rhymes back and forth across the ocean, this project slowly came together, or rather, quickly. We had set May 07th as the release date and were eager to make that happen. The past week was spent mixing and mastering, recording final verses and putting finishing touches on “Amstertroit”. By the morning of May 07th we realized we were not going to be finished on time. So we continued mixing, 30 hours of no sleep.
Today, we listened to the project, and we love it! The only issue is, that we are not 100% happy with the sound yet and we don’t want to give you anything but amazing quality. We are very unhappy to push it back but in order to give you the best, we need a little bit more time.
To give you at least another taste of what it is you’re waiting for, we are giving you one of the tracks today and hope you like it.
Our apologies for the delay, we hope you understand and will be just as excited when Amstertroit drops this month!”




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brandonw • May 14, 2013

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