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[ The Distribution ] Saleena Ranay “Yellow Power Ranger”

Saleena Ranay is a suburban femcee and college student from Pittsburgh, PA bringing a different style to the local and soon national level of rap music. From the beginning of grade school Saleena has always been the weird child in the classroom, from being the only minority in one school to being the most obnoxious student in another Saleena never fit into the status quo. After a short 2 year period of comedic rapping Saleena decided to take her music career to a professional level. Her upcoming 2nd mixtape entitled “#WEIRD” expresses the blatant disregard for those who don’t appreciate others’ differences. Saleena’s mission along with #TeamWeird is to spread a message of embracing your differences rather than shunning those who don’t have your similarities. Catch the mixtape “#WEIRD” dropping July 29th!!!

Twitter: @saleenaranay
Facebook: facebook.com/saleenaranay
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/saleenaranay
Youtube: youtube.com/saleenaranay

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brandonw • June 24, 2013

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