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[ The Distribution ] Relself ft. Glen Reynolds “Heads Bob”


“Heads Bob” is the eclectic yet buzzworthy new single by Relself and Glen Reynolds(Grey) . While Relself displays his unique touch of multi-syllabic thought provoking lyrics over this stellar hardcore rock influenced track, Grey provides a hook so catchy it makes even the most asocial wall-hugger wanna sing along. Produced by Grey himself, this instrumental compliments Relself’s abstract lyricism in joint effort with a strangely hypnotic impression involving captivating guitar riffs and hard hitting live drums with the end result being a memorable hip-hop/rock collaboration that would make Run DMC and Aerosmith proud. This track surely does what the title proclaims..To simply make “Heads bob”.

Written by Relself and Glen Reynolds(Grey)
Produced by Glen Reynolds(Grey of Soul Kontrollaz Productions) who has worked alongside with Grammy award winning producer and sang the hook on the recent Talib Kweli hit single “Push Thru”


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brandonw • June 20, 2013

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