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[ The Distribution ] Omojoda “The Friend”

Formerly known as Blackberry Jones, producer/vocalist and one 3rd of the Blacklincolns (see:Asheru of Unspoken Heard (The Boondock theme) and Heron Gibran)
Omojoda steps into his own existence after collabs with many artists from Raheem Devaughn to YU (Diamond District) with an upcoming project entitle “Crumbs”…..
The Crumbs project is an exploration of personal experiences, friends, foes, family, and everything that exists in between.
“The friend” is an on-key-off-key representation of the hidden advantages of being in “The friend zone”, note that this track is inspired by one of Omojodas’ closest (and sexiest) friends…”Nicole” (refer to track entitled “Nicole-…something to f*ck to)
Hence the selections of “Crumbs” all relate to one another in a subliminal fashion.


Twitter: @omojoda
Soundcloud URL: Http://soundcloud.com/omojoda

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brandonw • May 24, 2013

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