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[The Distribution] Mike Middle “Tangerine Powder”

Tangerine Powder single cover (Rough Draft)

What’s Tangerine Powder?” That’s what most people say when they hear up and coming Hip Hop artist Mike Middle, new single. Most artists will tell you that starting out as a person who is unknown and unsigned can be overwhelming. Persistence, dedication and quality music is a must before you can even think about pursuing that journey. When listening to “Tangerine Powder” you hear in a honest way how Mike Middle creatively raps about the day to day hassles when committed to a goal. As a listener you get the opinion that “Tangerine Powder” could be a code name for optimism since it takes you for a ride every second the song plays. The bridge brings a level of authenticity as the chorus ties everything together showing Mike Middle’s intentions are genuine because he’s willing to show his concerns for people who lack motivation.“With this song I want people to answer the question, What Pushes You?”


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brandonw • February 21, 2013

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