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King Smooth & ME8ighty Brainofbmw Music

[ The Distribution ] King Smooth & ME8ighty “The Creep (#RiskyBiz)”

King Smooth & ME8ighty Brainofbmw Music


How can a subject so wrong be the premise of such a dope song? Similar to the classic jam this song samples TLC’s “Creep” & the dopness that is John Legend’s “She Don’t Have To Know“, King Smooth & ME8ighty bring us “The Creep(#RiskyBiz)“. This song is dope its that simple, it does the sample justice while it might not be up there with the original song & its impact it still holds its own. Check it out! *Does the Creep Dance like I’m a kid again*

Twitter: @MikeyofDreemEnt

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"The Creep (#RiskyBiz)"Hip HopKing SmoothME8ightyMusic

brandonw • July 30, 2014

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