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[ The Distribution ] Kalaj Dame “Movie Night” (Prod by Stompboxx Music)

dame deuce

Kalaj Dame is a Pittsburgh, PA born-and-bred rap artist. After a short venture into the major music industry in 2003 working with celebrities such as Scooter Braun, Monica, Lil Jon, 50 Cent, Akon, and a few others, Kalaj set forth to build and develop his own Record Label “Sold Out Entertainment”. Since then Kalaj has released 4 of his own hip hop projects: (D.A.M.E, Kalaj Dame for Dummies, Sleep on yo Couch and Piracy.

On Kalaj Dame’s latest track “Movie Night” the rapper revisits memories of a past relationship and uses a discreet analogy of “Dancing with the Devil” to describe the circumstances his previous significant other had to endure.

Twitter: @kalajdame
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kalajdame

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"Movie Night"Kalaj DameStompboxx Music

brandonw • September 9, 2013

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