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[The Distribution] Juellz ft Reks”Two Faces”

The Distirbution Juellz

“Two Faces” if the first single off Juellz (Switzerland) new album “Jewelz”. The song features Reks and was produced by Evelution. Juellz’ first release “JEWELZ” contains various topics about the everyday life, valor, disappointments and is in general easy to relate to. It is a very personal album, in which Juellz shows a lot of weakness but he is also confident about his statements.  Every track is packed with message and honesty and represents a clear topic. It’s what we would call real,
but that word gets thrown around without really being conceived. What is real anyway?

Not following any clichÈe, JEWELZ is a collection of creative and inspirational tunes of many Rap sub-genres. Very varifying, it puts you in all kinds of moods and keeps some surprises! The album features artists such as Has-Lo, KC da Rookee, Reks and more. If you like Boom Bap at its finest and you need some neck exercises, you should definitely get you a copy!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Juellzhiphop
Twitter: @Juellzhiphop
Watch: www.youtube.com/user/Juellzhiphop
Listen: www.soundcloud.com/julian-juelz


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brandonw • January 25, 2013

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