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Jonny Monson Brainofbmw Music

[ Music Review ] Jonny Monsoon “Bruce Lee” ft J Savvy

Jonny Monson Brainofbmw Music

New music from Jonny Monsoon its called “Bruce Lee“. Listen & check out my thoughts below.

It’s bothering me that I can’t place my finger on the sample the producer used. It has a Jamaican Reggae sort of vibe but that MIGHT not be correct. I try to be fair when I hear a “Weed” song because I don’t smoke in most cases the songs come off trash & have no replay value to me. The issue with songs like this is they have to be VERY dope in order to matter outside of the “420” community. The song isn’t trash its just not dope enough for ME to download if it was free & not worth the purchase. Both artist’s delivery is on point they “ride the beat” well, lyrically I was bored & I listened a few times to see if I missed any impressive bars. Bright spot is the beat, I’d like to hear someone else just freestyle over this. Jonny Monsoon has an album coming titled “People R Dumb” ….. and so is this song. I just want more, I’m sure this jam has its place amongst those who love the “herbals” I’m just not one of them. Look forward to hearing more from Mr Monsoon & more from Rekstarr who produced this jam!

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brandonw • June 30, 2014

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