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[ The Distribution ] Infamuz “HEART OF A CHAMPION” (prod by Wiseman Beats)

INFAMUZ Music Brainofbmw

East St. Louis-bred, Missouri-based rapper Damon “Infamuz” Cox presents “Heart Of A Champion”, the Wiseman Beats-produced single from his new mixtape 2 Sides 2 My Story, featuring PMD as well as production from Messy Marv, 8th Sense and Desktopbeatz. “I wrote this record to show all the young kings in the struggle where I been, the pain I felt, that I’m just like them. Look at me.You can do anything if you put your mind too it. Don’t be afraid.” About the mixtape he says “As I got to the end of the mixtape I knew that each song was a story of my life being raised in East St. Louis and St. Louis. That’s how I came up with the name 2 Sides 2 My Story. My financial circumstances were different in each city, which made struggles in each city different. In East St. Louis I was borderline poor, so my struggle there gave me ambition, heart and that grind. When I moved to St. Louis I had a little more money, so my struggle there gave me the ability to network and the hustle to make more money in order to live with a certain standard. So both cities play a major role in how I move.”

download the 2 Sides 2 My Story mixtape at soundcloud.com/king_infamuz/sets/2-sides-2-my-story
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brandonw • March 28, 2014

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