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[The Distribution] Houserocka & Rroid Drazr “Stand Still” Partymonster RMX (Beatport/Super Mart Produce)

Super Mart Produce presents New Orleans DJ/producer Partymonster‘s official remix of “Stand Still” by Houserocka and Rroid Drazr. Partymonster is head ofFormless Recordings (and the live act Formless Crew) and a central figure in the New Orleans dubstep site NolaDubstep.com. Super Mart Produce is a label run by New Orleanian DJ/producer Quickie Mart, who recently released Space Monkey Radio EP, five artist-approved dubstep remixes of tracks from Freddie GibbsRicky B,Slightly Stoopid and more.

check out Partymonster’s “Stand Still” remix on BeatPort: http://www.beatport.com/release/stand-stll-partymonster-remix/974366
Partymonster on Facebook | Houserocka on Twitter | Rroid Drazr on TwitterSuperMartProduce.com

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brandonw • October 25, 2012

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