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[ The Distribution ] FFJB ft Tru.SKI “Greetings” (Transistor draft)

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With the world spinning into a whirlwind of chaos, most people only resort to the normality in which they are conditioned to believe in as true. Many have spent and lost time and money trying to figure out where they belong in such a world. And after so much time had passed and some many people had given up the fight, a ray of hope emerged. The FFJBmusic Team
The FFJBmusic Team is a group of colleagues who took an eye to some changes that needed to be made within their Hip-Hop Community. Based out of Jacksonville,Florida, FFJB’s brand of music incorporates all elements of life to ensure that the rawness of the culture stays intact.
With a few projects currently in the works, it was decided that the track ‘Greetings’ would be the 1st leaked single from the upcoming ‘FFJB Flips Tables’ ep. With Production by Tough Junkie, and verses from KOS, Arsun F!st, and Stillwater ‘Greetings’ is an audiophiles way of breaking bread in a cypher. Add in Tru.SKI on the chorus and you have a glimpse of untapped energy waiting to be let loose on eardrums globally.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ToughJunkie?fref=ts
Twitter: @ArsunFIST
Web: www.ffjbmusic.com

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"Greetings"(Transistor draft)FFJBHip HopMusicRapThe DistributionTru.SKI

brandonw • November 1, 2013

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