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[The Distribution] F.Y.I. “INCENSE”

Since the ancient days, people burned incense to create a mood or set a vibe. Well, Incense, the song, sets the mood for a trippy, down tempo, bass heavy escapade through the freaky tales of Los Angeles’ very own, F.Y.I. The vibe is universal. Guy meets girl. Guy and girl get a room for a night. Then several swishers, red cups, and smash sessions later; the incense are lit up and burned slow till the break of dawn. Sounds like the hood just found the new theme music for the night time flow. And if you’re still hungry for more of what F.Y.I. is serving, make sure to get a sneak peek of behind the scenes footage to the upcoming video for Incense after you pressed play a couple times on the track.


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brandonw • April 22, 2013

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