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[The Distribution] Dragon Fli Empire ft Sadat X “The Daily News Pt. 2”

The Daily News Pt 2The first single from Dragon Fli Empire’s upcoming album “Mission Statement” is now available! “The Daily News Pt. 2” is a sequel to “The Daily News” from Sadat X’s 2005 album “Experience & Education”. DFE’s ‘Mission Statement” will be releasing in the Summer of 2013. It will be the fourth album from the Calgary (Canada) based crew and first as a duo since 2009’s “Redefine”.

Beat: DJ Cosm
Keys: AJV
Rhymes: Sadat X and Teekay

“AJV laces jazz-influenced melodies on keys over the catchy beat by DJ Cosm, and Teekay and Sadat X come correct as always.”
-The Find Magazine

“…a satirical commentary on the state of media and pop culture in the “daily news”… the song laces AJV’s jazzy melodies over top of DJ Cosm’s catchy beats…”



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brandonw • May 9, 2013

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