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[ The Distribution ] Doprah “San Pedro”

doprah brainofbmw music

Get familiar with Doprah a cool up & coming band from New Zealand, listen to their song “San Pedro“.

Doprah are Steven Marr and Indira Force with Marr handling production duties and Force the vocal majority.  They are based in Christ-church, NZ and formed in 2012. In their home country they have already released a handful of singles to critical acclaim, two of which went to #1 on their Alternative Chart. Doprah were the support for Lorde at her post-Grammy homecoming show in Auckland and were part of this year’s Laneway Festival.  For the live show the duo adds an additional 4 people to the mix resulting in an immersive experience.

 The Doprah sound is not so much international as intergalactic – noise that stretches outwards and inward as if concocted in a particularly colorful area of your mind. Drawing comparison to a couple of heads (Radio and Portis) the band are excited to bring their ethereal music to US ears.

Website: www.doprah.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/doprahwinfrey69
Twitter: @doprah_
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/doprah

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brandonw • April 29, 2014

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