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[The Distribution] Denise Cotton “Lost in Love”

‘Denise Cotton’ is a ”neo-soul” singer hailing from Harlem! She fuses Jazz and Soul into a sound that is undeniable! Listen to her latest single “Lost In Love”


Denise Cotton’s sound is fresh and eclectic. Her voice is distinct, evoking emotional reactions that allow her listener to embrace vulnerability. Born and raised in Harlem, Denise was stimulated by jazz at a young age, her father’s collection began a lifetime fascination with the genre that persists to this day. Dealing with a “complicated” youth she had to live simultaneously between the different religious worlds her parents came from. In response Denise was inspired to manufacture an artistic world of her own. Denise noticed she had an ability to create harmony where otherwise there was none. “Trying to make something that’s unique,” she remembers. “From polar opposites, I was from the projects, but went to private school. I held old-school values, but my friends were kind of crazy.”

She describes her style as alternative/vocal, mixing ‘jazz, R&B, ‘trip’-hop, and neo-soul. Denise praises a list of musical figures for influencing her sound, ranging from Billie Holiday to Judy Garland, Coldplay, Bjork, and Beyonce. Her debut project, The Glass Window, released in July 2011, introduced the world to her style, and set the tone for what is sure to be an extraordinary career. “My music is the light in the darkness, it’s emotional rawness, but it has a straightforward vibe because it’s so vulnerable. I feel my voice brings what Judy Garland’s voice did- a piercing emotional beauty.”

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brandonw • October 20, 2012

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