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[ The Distribution ] Demrick “Go Out & Get It” (prod by Jim Jonsin and Finatik & Zac)

ATWT2 Bonus Tracks Cover 
After gaining the attention of industry giants like Vibe, XXL, Yahoo Music and Rolling Stone, West Coast MC Demrick is celebrating the 2 month anniversary of hisAll The Wrong Things 2 mixtape by offering his fans the opportunity to recieve a 6 song bonus EP!  All of the songs were additional tracks created while working in Florida with super producer Jim Jonsin and his Rebel Rock production team (Danny Morris and Finatik & Zac).  
Due to the amount of records recorded for the project there wasn’t enough room for them all so Demrick is offering every fan who purchased the full All The Wrong Things 2 mixtape a complimentary link to the bonus EP.  Fans can get their link by emailing a screen shot or forwarding a confirmation email of their purchase from iTunes or Amazon to ATWT2@gmail.com
The first leak off of this exclusive fan appreciation EP is the song Go Out And Get It (produced by Jim Jonsin and Finatik & Zac). So if you haven’t already go out and get All The Wrong Things 2 From iTunes or Amazon!


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brandonw • June 25, 2013

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