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[The Distribution] Dan Status “Return To Glory” (ft Jon BlaQ)



The voice of Hip Hop has been muted. A once rebellious music, is now repetitive theme music of mind numbing non-sence. Enter “Return To Glory”.  Jon BlaQ and Dan Status once again team-up to show and prove that Hip Hop is alive and well. Standing strong in faith when all is looking bleak, is the message Jon Blaq paints with his lyrical command of the mic. Not many Emcees fulfill the audiences needs of lyrical content of hope and confidence, that they can relate to. Jon Blaq is the new breed of emcee that crafts life and faith in his songs. Dan Status brings the noise, of boom bap mixed with horns, strings and heavy bass. The beat is powerful and moving. Giving a feeling of strength and inspiration to the ears.
Together Jon Blaq and Dan Status are leading Hip Hop back to the golden age. Return To Glory.

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brandonw • January 31, 2013

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