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[ The Distribution ] Clifftop Vandalz (Switzerland) ft N.B.S. “Life is Good”


 “Life Is Good” is the first release off the upcoming full length album “Global Vandalizm” which is entirely produced by Swiss duo “Clifftop Vandalz”and will be dropping for free download in June. It features a lot of young, unknown mc’s who are hungry and always down to work but also some already well known artists.
The beats are showing some different sides from the Clifftop Vandalz. Besides epic beats with choirs, heavy drums and orchestral samples there are also beats with that classic boom bap style. The album features artists from different places like Switzerland itself, Germany, USA and Australia. This album offers something for every hip hop fan.

Featured on the Album:
Aztech (AUS), D-Wreck (US), C.RAE (US), Crop & Chamber (GER), Mr. Erbie (CAN), Einzelgänger (SUI), N.B.S. (US), Billy Ballantine (US), Plague (AUS), Uzual Suspectz (US), Sevsnite (SUI), Block McCloud (US), Prototype (US), Tha Soloist (US), Ripshop (US), Godfather Pt.3 of the Infamous Mobb (US), Psaiko (SUI), The Hidden Sound (US), Mic Daily (US)


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"Life is Good"Clifftop VandalzN.B.S.Switzerland

brandonw • May 20, 2013

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