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[ The Distribution ] Buddy Lofton “Love Potion” (prod by CUSCINO)

Buddy Lofton Brainofbmw Music

Queens, NYC rapper Buddy Lofton presents “Love Potion”, his new single produced by Los Angeles producer CUSCINO. The two began working together after Buddy played the lead role inA Smile, which CUSCINO scored. “‘Love Potion’ came about as a result of the film itself, and my process while scoring it,” CUSCINO said. “Writer/Director Matthew Torchon paired me with Lofton to create something unique. What resulted was exactly that: a record that channels the spirit of the film, capturing a young man’s search for happiness within a fierce urban landscape and his own personal trappings.” Describing his style, Buddy says “We are all under the influence of something the world has to offer. It’s not just about drugs or alcohol; it’s about media outlets, religion, love, family and failures. Something has influenced you to become the person you are this very moment, and I’m always expanding upon this idea through my music – capturing certain moments, thoughts and vices from my life that have influenced me to be who I am today.” Buddy’s last release was the full-length Under The Influence (click to listen), and CUSCINO’s was the Eternality EP (click to listen).

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brandonw • February 21, 2014

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