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[The Distribution] Aquil “40º North” (prod. by Astronote)

“Land of Synth” plays on several themes of synthetic sounds, to the synthetic roles played by artist in the “music industry to every day life. Influences run the gamut Sun Ra, Wutang to Nas, Tupac, The Roots, Mos Def, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Pharaoh Monch, and Outkast to name a few. “Land of Synth” reveals heavy themes of political corruption, illegal wars, to lighter topics of appreciating life and the use of imagination. From the very first verse Aquil takes you on a journey of the mind and heart of major over arching themes of life, imagination and perception. The ability to take the esoteric, and imaginative elements then making them blend to melodies is Aquil’s strongest talent. The diversity of topics, flows, and overall refreshing production ranging from electronic influence to acid jazz and 90s hip hop will be sure to keep your ears interested. It is a journey inside ones self via introversion to those places few dare to look and even more refuse to contemplate. Land of Synth tackles heavy issues with a tenacity yet overall light heartiness and positive outlook on the other side.

Featuring production from several producers, Knxwledge, Astronote, Arcka, O Da Beatgoon, The Jazzment, Abjo and others the diversity in sound does not take away form the cohesiveness of the album. This 46 minute album flows easily between songs, and skits of social commentary, or comedic outburst. Land of Synth is the debut Release of Philadelphia, PA 2012 Coldest MC Aquil. While this album harps on the lack of imagination used by several artist, it clearly displays that creativity the commentary craves and imagination said to be lacking from song titles, to concepts and content. Land of Synth is certainly an album where imagination does exist!

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"40º North"AquilAstronote)The Distribution

brandonw • December 6, 2012

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