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[The Distribution] Adam Reverie “A Nephew’s Tears” (Prod – Ohbliv)

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Every artist was inspired or introduced to their art form by someone other than themselves, for Detroit, MI hip-hop recording artist Adam Reverie that was his dads younger brother.  “As a child I would watch in amazement as my uncle rapped and recorded records that I myself could take home to play on cassette.  I remember specifically him recording his demo and having to constantly tell me to be quiet and refrain from skating in the basement (where he recorded it at the time) while he was recording.  With a style similar to that of LL Cool J (80’s -90’s LL)  I admired his since of fashion and bravado on the microphone.  So much that when he began to put out less music I became disheartened and one day I reflected on how happy and magical it was for me to see my uncle rap as a child and how sad it is for me now that he doesn’t do it as much. So with those emotions I recorded my latest release A Nephew’s Tears produced by Ohbliv.

Twitter: @AdamReverie313
Facebook: Reverie143
Youtube: AdamReverie313
Bandcamp: AdamReverie.Bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/adamreverie313

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brandonw • February 4, 2013

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