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[The Distribtuion] DPress “JuiceBox Bulletcases”



DPress of the Stereo Crew drops a warm up to his upcoming, first Solo EP “The Lions Den”, droppin’ June 07th. Although the track “JuiceBox Bulletcases” has existed for a minute, it is still a perfect introduction of this young MC out of Southwest, Detroit. A recent addition to the Stereo Boyz’ Stereo Crew, he has become a part of the Detroit Hip Hop scene, through Emceeing in the legendary Monkey Barz ciphers, producing and being an active member of the Southwest community.
The hard hitting track was produced by OLOS, also from Detroit. The two collaborated on a project where OLOS would send DPress a beat and in under 4 hours after that the song would be written and recorded.
“JuiceBox Bulletcases” may not be the most lyrical of DPress’ songs, but it is a raw, makin’ your head nod, showcase of his talents.


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brandonw • May 13, 2013

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