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The Camp "Training Camp"

[Mixtape] The Camp “Training Camp”

The Camp "Training Camp"

The Camp “Training Camp” 

“First you stretch, then you flex”. The CAMP is here! And once again it’s that time of year…time for Training Camp!. Pittsburgh’s 6-man supergroup has arrived in shape, and ready for conditioning. If strength is in numbers, then Volton reproduced 6 times over to create this amalgamation of style and power.
The theme for Training Camp is Determination. Members, and Hip Hop veterans Mysterious, Jay Nizzy, 41Duece, YM Dakid, Draztyk, and Kid A all make sure that the team and the entire 412 is on their back and that the scene continues respects their collective “mind.” They leave no stone unturned as they blaze through the competition over the mixtape’s 14 well-rounded, and banging tracks.
There is a little something for everybody. If you want lyricism, check out “Before the Storm”, or “King Sh*t”. If you want to hear a hot hook, or just have fun then “Coast to Coast”, or “Respect My Mind” are tracks for you. With Mysterious on production, The CAMP is on pace to become an unstoppable force in the Hip Hop world. Remember, this is just the beginning.
With over 60 minutes of “Smash Mouth Hip Hop” at their disposal, Training Camp sets the tone for The CAMP’s upcoming album “The Campaign”, coming this November.
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brandonw • August 18, 2012

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