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Olivia Louise “Home Plane ( Into the Light)” (Prod by Question the Producer)

“Home Plane ( Into the Light)” is a beautiful new song from Olivia Louise featuring production from Question the Producer. Very smooth song with a great vibe & amazing instrumentation. I’m CRAZY late posting this but its all good lol. Twitter:  @Olivia_LouiseUK Website: www.olivia-louise.co.uk

Olivia Louise Video Brainofbmw

Olivia Louise “Skin Deep” (Live Performance)

Olivia makes it easy for fans, there is a ton of content out there from her performance videos, music releases, remixes & features. In a day & age where fans want something new ALL THE TIME she has already figured out exactly how to do that & NOT seem like she is oversaturating the market….

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Richard Osborne Brainofbmw Music

Richard Osborne “Let Me” ft Olivia Louise (prod by Kayzee)

“Let Me” is the new release from UK artist Richard Osborne featuring the talented Olivia Louise with production from Kayzee. This is a beautiful song, the vocals are amazingly soothing. Olivia is her awesome self again, she is really at the forefront of keeping meaningful R&B alive. This is a great collab & I really…

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Olivia Louise Moteleola Wade Brainofbmw

Olivia Louise “Platonia” ft Wade (prod by Moteleola)

We have reached the point now where I’m checking Olivia Louise & Moteleola’s twitter for new music weekly. I’m not even waiting for emails… Consider me a fan, now consider me an excited fan because I got my wish this morning! Check out “Platonia” Moteleola x Olivia Louise x Wade. As with other Olivia Louise…

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Olivia-Louise Bonkaz Moteleola - Skin Deep Remix

Olivia Louise ft Bonkaz “Skin Deep” Remix (Prod by Moteleola)

Not sure how its possible but Olivia Louise & producer Moteleola did it again, just last week we featured “Scorpio” from these two. Here we are with the “Skin Deep” Remix. I love the original track this remix is solid, still showcases Olivia’s excellent writing skills and with a solid yet simplistic beat Moteleola does a great…

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Olivia-Louise Moteleola - Scorpio

Olivia Louise “Scorpio” (Prod. By Moteleola)

“Scorpio” is the Moteleola produced track from Uk R&B singer Olivia Louise. Her unique voice & writing style really shine through over Moteleola’s production.  The writing seems very personal & that’s what makes me keep hitting play. This is a very short & sweet track that touches the emotions & exudes a bit of honesty, not sure…

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Mic Lowry Brainofbmw Music Video

Mic Lowry “Never Too much” (& More)

WOW… these guys are unreal! Its been a long time since I came across artists who were so skilled at covering a song & making it their own… I am really just blown away by these 5 guys from the birth place of the Beatles…. Check out their Cover/Mashup of “Never Too Much” by Luther…

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tara priya brainofbmw music

Tara Priya “One Foot Out”

Check out this amazing new song from talented London based artist Tara Priya “One Foot Out“…   Website: www.tarapriya.com Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/tarapriya Twitter: @tarapriya YouTube: www.youtube.com/TaraPriyaMusic Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamtarapriya

Olivia Louise Music Video Brainofbmw

Olivia Louise & DJ Q “Physical”

New music video from the talented UK singer Olivia Louise along with DJ Q “Physical” Twitter: @Olivia_LouiseUK Website: www.olivia-louise.co.uk

Olivia-Louise Save Me Music Brainofbmw

[ The Distribution ] Olivia Louise ft Jeffrey de Soul “Save Me” (prod by Moteleola)

“Save Me” produced by Moteleola, is the emotional love struggle written and sung by Olivia-Louise of Chester UK & Jeffrey De Soul. Varnished over with dark melodies and slow paced drums. Twitter: @Moteleola1st , @Olivia_LouiseUK, @JeffreyDeSoul