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[Poetry] “After the After Party” by Ale Gasso

Poetry “After the After Party” by Ale Gasso Brainiacs read “After the After Party” a new poem from Ale Gasso   When everyone’s falling or fighting or both or too-close talking those damp promises of future dates forever hugs you get used to that sudden horizontal smack all that broken glass usually blood the punchline…

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[Poetry] Shalace Moore “Meticulously”

[Poetry] Shalace Moore “Meticulously” Enjoy this new poetry piece from the talented Shalace Moore called “Meticulously”   Oh, i got mored than i asked for, as you found the hidden rock on my shore and for sure meticulously played with it causing a long over due eruption. Consumption of compliments & rumplemintz lead to the confidence…

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LuAlphonso "Celestial Lovers"

[Masterpeices] LuAlphonso “Celestial Lovers”

LuAlphonso “Celestial Lovers” Hailing from Hampton Virginia, talented artist LuAlphonso brings you “Celestial Lovers”. Enjoy this beautiful masterpiece, rate, & comment below, feel free to share!  


[Poetry] Jesse Abundis “Modern Thieves Of Society”

Los Angeles bred poet Jesse Abundis brings you “Modern Thieves Of Society” a peice from his book “Years of Refusal”   (Modern Thieves Of Society )     They scream and shout   They say they speak for God   They are his mouth piece   They judge those around them, with their book in…

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