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[ The Distribution ] Japhia Life “Temporary Vacation”

Japhia Life pours his heart out on an impassioned and emotive banger entitled “Temporary Vacation” produced by French/Caribbean producers Drum Dreamers. In it he contemplates a potential end to him creating music, which may be figurative, and goes into his desire to work with fellow Philly recording artists. He is lucid in conveying that this…

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[The Distribution] Ajay Rock “When I Was Your Man” #AjayRockApril

IT’S here! the 4th installment of #AjayRockApril is a new song “When I Was Your Man”. Listen/Download it today! Listen to last week’s installment of #Ajayrockapril a beautiful tribute to the victims of the bombings in Boston called “Lonely Eyes” https://soundcloud.com/ajayrock/ajayrock-lonely-eyes-boston Follow: @ajayrock Listen: https://soundcloud.com/ajayrock  

[The Distribution] Qwestions “Humble Pie”

  Continuing the journey toward his EP “Listen To My Raps”, IDMG’s Qwestions releases “Humble Pie.” The Mario Anthony produced record depicts the emcee’s personal struggle with being humble versus egotistical. Inspired by current events in his life and the hip hop world, “Humble Pie” is Qwestions way of attempting to cope and accept what…

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[The Distribution] Random feat. Freeway& Lefty: “The Industry” (prod by Alex Minor)

Random (aka Mega Ran) and Lefty team up with fellow Philly vet Freeway to wax poetic on the record industry and its ills, over a funky track by Alex Minor with sharp scratching by DJ Les 735. Rap Game/Crack Game for the 2013. Early! The track will appear on Random’s new mixtape “TeacherRapperHero Vol 3,” releasing…

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[The Distribution] Kev Turner “Callin Me Back” Remix (produced by Detayl)

The Distribution Kev Turner “Callin Me Back” Remix Listen to Kev Turner’s new track “Callin Me Back” Remix produced by Detayl. [soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/74072616″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

[The Distribution] Lazy JP “CH337 C0D3Z”

It’s game over Lil’ Flip style for rappers this winter because Lazy JP is back again going in over some upbeat production from Southern Cali producer JacquesMyBeats. Blending witty wordplay with rhyming over a fun uptempo instrumental, JP does things a little bit differently this time around. This track is featured on The IUP Official…

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