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Sturk “The Lord’s Prayer” Ft Blake Tyler

How you mention felacio in a song titled “The Lord’s Prayer“??? Fam whoever this is on the first verse… rap might not be for you my boy, the individual that recorded the hook? Never mind… everything about this song to me isn’t good to put it mildly, the ad libs over the opening hook? Who’s…

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Brainofbmw Music Sturk

[ The Distribution ] Sturk “#IfTheyGunnedMeDown” (Set The World On Fire)

Sturk brings us, “#IfTheyGunnedMeDown (Set The World On Fire)“, which pays tribute to fallen 17 year old teen Mike Brown, who was murdered by a policemen in Ferguson Missouri. The Track will appeaer on Sturk’s EP, Christmas In August. Website: www.SturkMusic.com Twitter: @SturkMusic

[ The Distribution ] Sturk “Control” (Response to Kendrick Lamar)

Oklahoma emcee Sturk, like many other rappers, felt a surge of energy upon hearing the lyrical darts thrown by Kendrick Lamar, on Big Sean’s Control. Sturk wanted to let other rhymers get their versions out of the way before he released his response to Kendrick Lamar. 5 days later, Sturk drops verbal warfare over the…

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