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Jamel Deon – ‘The Breather’

Jamel Deon aka Pen The Prodigy hails from the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada, a city known more for gambling than it’s musical history. The member of the hip-hop duo Kinfolk Kollab hits us with the track, ‘The Breather’ which is meant to be just that. The three and a half minute long cut serves…

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Anita D Oath of Honor

Anita D “Oath of Honor”

Powerful spoken word poem by Anita D that really speaks to the current climate. Check out “Oath of Honor“. YouTube: youtube.com/AnitaD89 Facebook: www.facebook.com/AnitaDSpokenWord IG: @AnitaD_inspire Twitter: @AnitaD_inspire

Daniel Beaty “Knock, Knock”

Came across this randomly online the other day. Had to share it with you guys for this week’s Throw Back Thursday. Very powerful spoken word piece from Daniel Beaty on Def Poetry Jam called “Knock, Knock” Twitter: @danielbbeaty

Gyasi Ross “Harvard”

Spoken word artist Gyasi Ross presents the official video for “Harvard“, a powerful piece speaking to the plight of Native American’s in the U.S. educational system. This track appears on Gyasi’s album Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here), which is available now via Seattle’s Cabin Games. Twitter: @bigindiangyasi IG: @bigindiangyasi Facebook: www.facebook.com/GyasiRossAuthor

Crystal Valentine & Aaliyah Jihad “To Be Black and Woman and Alive”

“To Be Black and Woman and Alive” is an amazing & powerful spoken word poem performed by Crystal Valentine & Aaliyah Jihad. Facebook: www.facebook.com/ButtonPoetry Twitter: @buttonpoetry

Darius Simpson & Scout Bostley “Lost Voices”

I caught this on Facebook, it’s so rare that anything meaningful is shared anymore that it is vital that when gems like this pop up that we share them & help spread the word. I love the message these two are relaying & now that Button Poetry is on my radar expect to see a…

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All Def Poetry Brainofbmw Videos

Camonghne Felix “Meat”

Check out “Meat” by Camonghne Felix on All Def Poetry. Subscribe to the All Def Poetry YouTube Channel  Twitter: @alldefpoetry, @kamonefrompluto IG: @alldefdigital, @kamkilla Facebook: www.facebook.com/AllDefDigital, www.facebook.com/camonghne

All Def Poetry Brainofbmw Videos

Jeremy Radin “Poem to My Twitter Crush”

Really funny peice by Jeremy Radin called “Poem to My Twitter Crush” Twitter: @alldefpoetry, @bigradinmonster IG: @alldefdigital Facebook: www.facebook.com/AllDefDigital Website: www.jeremyradin.com Tumblr: bigradinmonster.tumblr.com

All Def Poetry Brainofbmw Videos

Laura Swearingen-Steadwell “Obedience School”

“Obedience School” is another powerful spoken word poem by Laura Swearingen-Steadwell Twitter: @alldefpoetry IG: @alldefdigital Facebook: www.facebook.com/AllDefDigital Site: www.shadowboxersanonymous.com

All Def Poetry 2 Brainofbmw Video

B Deep “Crazy”

New Def Poetry video called “Crazy” by B Deep. Twitter: @alldefpoetry IG: @alldefdigital Facebook: www.facebook.com/AllDefDigital www.facebook.com/bdeeppoetry

All Def Poetry Brainofbmw Videos

Toaster “Mondays”

“Mondays” by Toaster….very dope peice fitting for today! Twitter: @alldefpoetry, @hewhotoastsbred IG: @alldefdigital @toastersmodernlife Facebook: www.facebook.com/AllDefDigital

All Def Poetry Brainofbmw Videos

13 of Nazareth “Labyrinth”

Beautiful poem from 13 of Nazareth called “Labyrinth“ Twitter: @alldefpoetry, @13ofnazareth IG: @alldefdigital, @13ofnazareth Facebook: www.facebook.com/AllDefDigital, www.facebook.com/13ofnazareth Site: www.13ofnazareth.net

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