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Songwriting Tip Why You Still Should Register A Copyrighted Work

Brain Food: Songwriting Tip: Why You Still Should Register A “Copyrighted” Work by Justin M. Jacobson, Esq

While many creatives in the entertainment industry believe (and are partly correct) that a work is copyrighted as soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium it still pays, often literally, to formally register the work with the U.S. Copyright Office, particularly where legal issues are concerned. A common misconception in the entertainment industry…

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Matthew Writes - A Songwriter's EP - Season 1

Matthew Writes “A Songwriter’s EP Season 1”

Songwriter Matthew Writes has released his new EP called “Season 1”.  I was just going to rush & post this….. Nah, gotta share my thoughts… only 3 songs…. Mr Writes and I have beef… the first song is a banger… I love when that sort of Migos trap with a bounce is mixed with R&B….

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Leo Stannard “I Need Time”

I love when I just stumble on to new music…. I’ve never heard of Leo Stannard before but I was clicking through soundcloud & BOOM here comes this beautiful song “I Need Time“….. I love the vocal performance, I love the melody & the overall vibe to the song…. From what I know this will…

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Circle Of Energy Brainofbmw Music VIdeo

Circle Of Energy “Soul Of Music”

“Soul Of Music” is a recently released visual from up & coming group C.O.E. (Circle Of Energy) Facebook: www.facebook.com/circleofenergyofficial Facebook: www.facebook.com/jessejaxx91 Facebook: www.facebook.com/florence.sfe

Christopher Michael Brainofbmw

Christopher Michael “O.I.NO (Oh I Know)” (Prod by CODEEZY)

“O.I.NO (Oh I Know)” is a dope new I guess Pop song from up & coming artist Christopher Michael. I can’t put my finger on a genre but I don’t think it matters this is a very good song. It has maybe a country feel but without the traditional “twang” has that sort of story…

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Kiki Rowe Video Brainofbmw

Kiki Rowe “Look Who’s Alone”

“Look Who’s Alone” is the latest visual release from singer/songerwriter Kike Rowe. A very smooth laid back song that I really like. Website: kikirowe.ca Facebook: www.facebook.com/KikiRoweMusic Twitter: @kikirowemusic

Ryan Murff Brainofbmw Music

Ryan Murff “Lifetime”

“Lifetime” is a beautiful new song from Mid West singer/songwriter Ryan Murff. This is one song I would be proud to purchase. So Ryan when you read this hit me with an itunes link. Twitter: @RyanMurffMusic

Marin Brainofbmw Music

Marin “Day 42”

“Day 42” is the new song presented by the talented artist Marin. Website: www.marinofficial.com Twitter: @marinmonroe Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialmarin

Chaz DeFranco Brainofbmw Music

Chaz DeFranco “Better Off/New Girl” (prod by IGNORVNCE)

“Better Off/New Girl” is the new song from singer/songwriter Chaz DeFranco. Chaz is currently in the studio working on his sophomore EP. Official website: www.chazdefranco.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/chazdefranco Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/chazdefranco Instagram : www.instagram.com/chazdefranco Twitter: @chazdefranco

Brainofbmw Demo Tape

Songwriting Tip: “Dress Your Demos for Success” by Ralph Murphy

Hit songwriter Ralph Murphy talks about songwriting in Nashville and what it takes to create a song demo for that market. Every time a songwriter (or songwriters) finishes a song, the inevitable question comes up: How should this piece of work be demoed? Let’s start by defining what we are taking about. Demo is short…

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Olivia-Louise Moteleola - Scorpio

Olivia Louise “Scorpio” (Prod. By Moteleola)

“Scorpio” is the Moteleola produced track from Uk R&B singer Olivia Louise. Her unique voice & writing style really shine through over Moteleola’s production.  The writing seems very personal & that’s what makes me keep hitting play. This is a very short & sweet track that touches the emotions & exudes a bit of honesty, not sure…

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[The Distribution] Ajay Rock “Mirrors” #AjayRockApril

  Brainacs! Can you believe April is over? I know you are all excited to be one step closer to summer but I have one final treat! Listen to the final installment of #AjayRockApril where the uber talented up & coming singer/songwriter Ajay Rock covers Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors”     If you missed any of…

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