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Locust Street Media Presents “Daisy”

A few folks I used to work with created this (and a ton of other) short films. This one actually won some awards. Be warned this is a bit graphic, but entertaining, and well shot. It’s worth your 10 minutes. Check out Locust Street Media’s “Daisy”. Told you it was solid. Now these guys have…

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ironman vs optimus prime

Animated Film: “IRONMAN vs OPTIMUS PRIME – Super Power Beat Down” (Ep 18)

This right here is epic!!! I really love these Super Power Beat Downs. Who do you think would win if Iron Man went head to head with Optimus Prime??? The series is produced by Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke and Nikolay Zamkovoy

batman vs darth vader

Short Film: “BATMAN vs DARTH VADER Super Power Beat Down” By Aaron Schoenke

This is super old and I openly admit that I’m very late but this is so well done. It’s really an amazing short film, the acting, the plot, the twist at the end… The special effects and all of that is well done to me.. You think this should be a feature film? The fans…

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Manny Rite “Ice Cream” (Short Film)

“Ice Cream” is an Independent short film from Manny Rite and the Rite Group in collaboration with Footage Worldwide. The film stars Sarah Nicole Tynes and Jah-mar Skerritt. In addition to the film music is provided by the up and coming Scarborough native Manny Rite. Directed and Produced by: Saint of Footage Worldwide Listen to…

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Money and Violence Video Brainofbmw 3

Money & Violence Ep 9

Rafe makes a new friend. Tai makes a move to put his plans in order. Shane has a really bad day and Miz catches himself in a mystery. Website: www.cloud9tv.net Follow the cast on Instagram. Rafe: @Cloud9tv_ Miz: @Ray_Day9 Shane: @Dudollaz Kane: @Ace_General_

Hip Hop Short Film Video Brainofbmw

“A HipHop Life” (Short Film)

“A HipHop Life“ is a short docu-fiction film about Hip-Hop and how this movement can feed your creativity through a little girl’s eyes, DJ GLO. Twitter: @imperiaProdz @Keshkoon Starring : DJ Glo – Gloria COLSTON Street Dancer – Mael GUIVARC’H MC – Koma SCRED Graffiti Artist – Toxic TDS Dad – DJ Lord Jazz Street…

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Damn Near Dead Brainofbmw Short Film

“Damn Near Dead” (Short Film)

Man this short film is amazing! “Damn Near Dead” is so dope, mixing beautiful women blood & vampires with just a tiny hint of booty??? Yeah that is a winning recipe. Enough of my thoughts check out “Damn Near Dead” for yourself…. Oh Thank me later too…… “Damn Near Dead” (Short Film) from Jaison BlackRose…

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Short Film Brainofbmw

[ Video ] “Til I’m Alive” (Short Film)

Check out this short film: A local bad-ass joins a mischievous vampire to commit a series of crimes. Thier undeniable lust leads him down a road he will never forget, but may regret. Starring Delano Morgan & Keyla Arce. Directed By Jaison Blackrose. “Til I’m Alive” (Short Film) from Jaison BlackRose on Vimeo. Twitter: @JaisonBlackRose