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[ Video ] Sean-Touré Remix “They Reminisce Over You” by Pete Rock & CL Smooth

The Awesome Remix of An Iconic Song Producer/Emcee Sean-Toure’ and Film Editor/Producer Todd “Big LA” Kelley revealed the cover art for Sean’s new album, “The Sean-Toure’ Remix Video Project” this week. Now the duo rolls out a brand new remix video from the album. This week’s single is a remix of the classic Pete Rock…

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[ Video ] Substantial’s “See Hear” (The Sean-Toure’ Remix)

  There’s been a blaze of volcanic fire coming from the music scene in Baltimore and Oakland as of late. Charm City and Oaktown should be very proud of some of it’s favorite sons in Producer/Emcee Sean-Toure’ and Film Editor/Producer Todd “Big La” Kelley. Recently, the buzz making beat smith Sean-Toure’ has been blessing the…

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[ Video ] Dr. Dre ft Snoop Dogg “Still D.R.E.” (Sean-Touré Remix)

  Anything to emerge from the Sean-Toure’ camp is usually worthy of attention. Back again with one of the most original album concepts of the year is the Baltimore Producer/Emcee and Oakland Film Editor/Producer Todd “Big La” Kelley. The duo released a new remix video single — yes, another one — late Tuesday evening on…

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[ Video ] Nas “Nas Is Like” (Sean-Touré Remix)

  The East and West Coast tandem of Baltimore Producer/Emcee Sean-Toure’ and Oakland Film Editor and Producer Todd Kelley are back again with the next single off The Sean-Toure’ Remix Video Project. The remix video for “Nas ls Like” debuted on Tuesday, September 10th on Todd’s Vimeo Page making it the 3rd clip by the…

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[The Distribution] Sean-Toure “Life is Good” (ft Dionne Wilkins)

 It’s almost been a year and half since Sean-Toure’ released his critically acclaimed Sound Channeler, The Invisibleman album (Rosachi Music Group). The album has proven to be a musical and entertaining amalgam of soulful beats, introspective lyrics, and an honesty that seems to be missing in the Hip Hop soundscape. Sean’s SCTIM album continues to…

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[Video] Sean-Toure’ “In the Heat of the Night” ft. yU of Diamond District

Video Sean-Toure’ “In the Heat of the Night” Sean-Toure’ has released his brand new music video for “In the Heat of the Night” ft. yU of Diamond District/Mello Music Group. The song was written some time ago and quickly became a fan favorite, with Sean performing it live on his MPC drum machine at his energetic shows. The…

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