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[ EP ] SDSC ( Soul Daad & Stereo Crew) “AMSTERTROIT”

Today Stereo Crew & Soul Daad release their free LP “AMSTERTROIT”. As the title hints, this album is a result of Detroit and Amsterdam collaborating. Stereo Boyz & Stereo Crew teamed up with Amsterdam’s Soul Daad recently to produce and record “Amstertroit”. The two teams of MCs and Producers first met on Twitter, exchanging beats…

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[ The Distribution ] SDSC ( Soul Daad & Stereo Crew) “The Dopeness”

 “Dear Fans, theres ALOT that goes into a record, alot of time, work, effort, creativity. And sometimes those things don’t all come together on schedule. Less than 2 months ago, we were in Amsterdam, during our Europe Tour, to meet up with some very talented producers we had met online and worked with previously. We…

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