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Relself “CiphaMuzik (Top Notch)”

Relself puts you in a trance and gives you someting to ride to with his new single “CiphaMuzik” . With James Romero’s funky and live instrumental, Relself delivers a classic boom bap type of feel with this one making the end result being Top Notch. Twitter: @ImReallyRelself Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/relself

[ The Distribution ] Relself “Oh Snap”

“Oh Snap” is the lyrically refreshing free download by Relself produced by Squarebiznis Entertainment. While Aservant and fellow Squarebiznis partner James Romero provide a smooth non-formulaic instrumental, Relself displays a stream of conscious from the beginning acappella to the poignant statement made in the later, “Rap was for fun…Rap was a Art..Now it’s about our…

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[ The Distribution ] Relself ft. Glen Reynolds “Heads Bob”

“Heads Bob” is the eclectic yet buzzworthy new single by Relself and Glen Reynolds(Grey) . While Relself displays his unique touch of multi-syllabic thought provoking lyrics over this stellar hardcore rock influenced track, Grey provides a hook so catchy it makes even the most asocial wall-hugger wanna sing along. Produced by Grey himself, this instrumental…

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