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Real Deal Release Party BMW THE DJ Flyer

Event: Real Deal “Mt Oliver Project” Album Release Party

Real Deal “The Mount Oliver Project” Album Release Party Hosted by BMW the DJ & Real Deal Saturday, August 12 at 9PM -12PM The Smiling Moose 1306 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203

real deal i dont mind song

Real Deal “I Don’t Mind”

No this is not a Kent Jones Remix (Thank GAWD!). This is a song from Real Deal’s album “Mountains and Molehills” which actually dropped about a year ago. I like the use of the sample, and the story telling but I hate that my boy ends up tricking! HAHAHA Anyway check out the song and…

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AyeVerb vs Real Deal

Poll: Who Won Real Deal vs Ayeverb?

Real Deal and AyeVerb went head to head at DOA “Dead on Arrival” a few weeks back in Pittsburgh. Vote for who you think took the win

Gabby Barrett Young Blood Remix Feat Real Deal. Official Video

Gabby Barrett “Young Blood” Remix Ft Real Deal

A while back we posted the song “Young Blood“. Check out the very dope very “Burgh-centric” video from the talented teen Gabby Barrett. Twitter: @gabbybarrett_, @Real_DealRaps¬†

Real Deal vs DNA Rap Battle

Who Won? DNA vs Real Deal

Many saw the freestyle battle on the street that took place between these two a few years back. Well Black Ice Cartel Battle League figured it would be a good idea to see what would happen if Real Deal & DNA went head to head in an official battle… Vote below for who you think…

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Real Deal vs Head Ice Battle Rap

Poll: Who Won Real Deal vs Head Ice?

I’ve been waiting to see this for a while. Watch & vote for who you think won this Real Deal vs Head Ice battle. Twitter: @Real_DealRaps @Headice

Gabby Barrett Brainofbmw

Gabby Barrett “Young Blood” ft Real Deal

Not sure if you consider this country or pop or what. Regardless of the genre “Young Blood” is a solid song that just happens to feature one of my good friends Real Deal. The more I listen the more I feel like this is a country song. Gabby Barrett doesn’t have that really distinct country…

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Picking The Brain Podcast

Podcast: Picking The Brain Ep 13 Ft Barz Blackman & Real Deal

In episode 13 BMW & Iph sit down with Barz Blackman, interview Pittsburgh’s own Real Deal to talk about his views on battle rap, his new album “The Mountains and Molehills“, his history with BMW. ¬†Barz & BMW also debate some of the best diss tracks, various battle rap leagues & styles, the top lyricists…

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Real Deal ft B.White, B-Brixx and “Coming Home”

Crazy to imagine that someone I’ve known for 20 years is an internationally known rapper…. Always feels good to be able to share new music from the homey Real Deal…. Check out the video for “Coming Home” that features B.White & B-Brixx. Very dope song the video doesn’t add or take away from that at…

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Real Deal “Back To This Money” ft Cortez, Jonny Storm, and Daylyt

“Back To This Money” is a new track from Real Deal featuring Cortez, Jonny Storm, and Daylyt. I realy like Cortez’s verse, he might have gone extra hard because of what Real Deal did to him a few years back in a Grind Time Battle. Overall a dope track, I love posse cuts, each artist…

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Real Deal Battle Video

Battle: Don’t Flop Real Deal vs Syd Vicious

Real Deal goes head to head against Syd Vicious on the Don’t Flop stage. Who won? Twitter: @Real_DealRaps & @SydLunacy @DontFlop Website: www.dontflop.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/DontFlop

Real Deal Battle Brainofbmw Video

Poll: Who Won Real Deal or Sno

Real Deal went head to head with Sno during URL’s “Rookies Vs Vets” event. Who do you think won? YouTube: www.youtube.com/theurltv Website: www.urltv.tv Twitter: @Real_DealRaps

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