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Songwriting Tip: “Dress Your Demos for Success” by Ralph Murphy

Hit songwriter Ralph Murphy talks about songwriting in Nashville and what it takes to create a song demo for that market. Every time a songwriter (or songwriters) finishes a song, the inevitable question comes up: How should this piece of work be demoed? Let’s start by defining what we are taking about. Demo is short…

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Songwriting Tip: “Drawing Maximum Attention To Your Hook” by Ralph Murphy

As you go through your song’s story and the verses, check your rhyme scheme. Whatever it is — change it in your chorus. For instance, change an A B A B rhyme scheme to A B C B. The reason you do this is to subtly alert listeners that something important is coming. A change…

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“Songwriting Tip: Your Best Bet for a #1 Song” by Ralph Murphy

Ralph Murphy, hit songwriter and expert, has been successful for five decades. He wrote huge hit songs such as Crystal Gayle’s “Talking in Your Sleep” and “Half the Way”. Consistently charting songs in an ever-changing musical environment makes him a member of that very small group of professionals who make a living ding what they…

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