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Rachel Kerr “Unboxed”

First jam I ever heard from Rachel Kerr was “All For You“. Been dying for new music ever since! Here we have her latest release a 15 track project called “Unboxed“. Twitter: @RachelKerrMusic

Event: 1st Ever Elegance Management Concert

In a few days time, Elegance Management will be holding our first ever ‘EM Artist Concert’ at the prestigious Bush Hall in London’s Shepherds Bush. This concert is going to showcase the amazing journey that the artists we work with have been on.  The evening will be a classy event with great music and entertainment. Not to be missed!!…

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Rachel Kerr “All For You” (Lyric Video)

Rachel Kerr took time off from making music some years from what I understand. Now I know why R&B has been trash for the last 24 months. It all makes sense now!!! All jokes aside “All For You” is a new song from talented R&B artist Rachel Kerr we have the lyric video for you…

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