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Wet Dreams

Raylin Joy “Wet Dreams”

I wasn’t expecting for this to be good. I don’t want to tell you how I got here just know that I really like this song… but I saw someone on twitter retweet a clip of Teanna Trump (The only Trump we acknowledge)& Skin Diamond. That started me down a “wiki-hole” that led me to Raylin…

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Pavlova “Burn Brighter”

Since I landed a new weekly gig with an entertainment company one of the perks is a free premium spotify account (Duh WINNING). Went to the “New Music” list and just hit play. I think this was the first jam that caught my ear. BANGER! check out Pavlova “Burn Brighter” twitter: @OfficialPavlova

Jordan York – Pittsburgh Living

Two time pop artist of the year “Jordan York” brings Pittsburgh to life in his freshman Album “Pittsburgh Living”. Titled as an ode to the city that lives in his veins, tracks such as “Turnpike” and “Jagoff” are feel good anthems that speak volumes about the energy of the city. “Turners Tea” gives you the…

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Lucian fly by night

Lucian “Fly By Night” ft Noe

“Fly By Night” is a recently release song from Lucian  featuring NOE… DAMN DAMN DAMN! I really love this song to the point I’d pay for it. (it’s free thankfully) The vocal performance is unbelievable the production is flawless, everything about this song works for me. DID I HEAR A HARP??? The writing is on…

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ambition love you like this video

Ambition “Love You Like This”

I’ve been following this guy Ambition’s career for a few years now. Had a chance to catch him live a few times in Pittsburgh. So he’s always on my radar, he recently released a new song & visual called “Love You Like This”. Full of that good R&B those of us over the age of…

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Sophia Black

Sophia Black “Vibration”

So I’m doing my weekly search for “what new music have my personal favorite artists dropped” haha & I’m listening to a new Swoozy song via his Soundcloud & the next song that played was this amazing song I present to you. I’ve heard the name Sophia Black before I have it marked as someone…

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Siki Daha ‘Wake Up’ Music Video

Soul/pop Sydney singer/songwriter Siki Daha releases his official ‘Wake Up’ music video. ‘Wake Up’ by nature, is cheerful and an upbeat track which is characterized by warm sounds, prominent vocal harmonies, and sophisticated productions. “When I wrote this song, I wrote it for other people and in some ways for myself to find a strength…

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LISS “Try”

Fun new song from LISS called “Try“. This is my first time hearing this song & anything from this group. I love the vibe, its funky, & fun with a nice hop to it. Not really a “bounce” but a hop easy to groove to for sure. Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/liss Facebook: www.facebook.com/LISSLISSLISSLISSLISS

Marissa “Need 2 Know” (Prod By Big Fruit & Bobby Kritical)

“Need 2 Know” is a new song from indie artist Marissa which features production from By Big Fruit & Bobby Kritical. This is a really dope song, the production is on point, the lyrics haha I love them! She’s asserting herself as a woman, letting a guy know to relax his limbs while things naturally…

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YOKOTA “Blindside”

At 21 years old, singer-songwriter-producer YOKOTA, has released her indie-pop single ‘Blindside’ fusing elements of elements of soul, jazz and hip hop. The overall vibe of this song is fun, it makes me want to move. I love the production this is a great song, solid debut for any artist YOKOTA & her interesting style…

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Steven Leitch “Forgot To Love Her” (prod by Flawless)

“Forgot To Love Her” is a recent release from Steven Leitch. Very fun pop song with a nice bounce to it. Everyone can relate, well many guys can relate to slacking off & forgetting to love that special someone. I like this song it has some throwback vibes to it. Flawless did a damn good…

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Maya Milan “Fun” (prod by Signature)

I rarely get excited about songs like this. But I’m gassed over this banger! Listen to “Fun” the new release from up & coming indie artist Maya Milan. The title is perfect because that’s exactly the vibe I get when I hear this song. That uptempo pop production provide the perfect backdrop for “Fun” mix…

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